Brilligent can learn all about your business and chat with your stakeholders

Welcome to the future of IA enable assistants. With our secure platform, you can create fully integrated chatbots with few clicks, all from your web browser.

Chatbot creation in the simplest way

Create your account

Create your account in brilligent to start a new communication channel for your business

Connect your meta account

Connect your brilligent account to your Meta business profile to prepare your business for owe ai based chatbot

Configure chatbot settings

Select the chatbot phone number, configure the temperature of your assistant (can be exact or you can give it a bit of freedom 🙃)

Load knowledge and go!

Select knowledge sources. You can add websites urls, doc, pdf and other formats of content files. Then, just publish your bot!

why brilligent

We’re young, we’re fun, and we know what you want. Since 2024, the Brilligent team has been on a mission to bring effortless, simple and smarter chatbots options to the businesses in a modern way. No more high payments and dumb assistants.

More Than 100 happy business owners around latam

“We’ve always been skeptical of chatbots, but Brilligent is extremely safe & easy to use. It’s also very user-friendly to connect with our existent meta business assets.”
Clean & Quickly
“We like to use chatbots that has options to select, but this new approach of Brilligent, based in LLMs is amazing. I feel like i am chating with a person!”
“We can not believe how Brilligent bot learn about our business. We just share an url and that's it! Our ai assistant now know more and more about our services!”
Mobility Hub

Improving daily

Brilligent team is working everyday to deliver new features for ai assitants chatbots. Now you can teach your assistant about your business, in a few days, your chatbot will be capable to sell your products and services in a conversational way!

Brilligent fit your needs

Cutting edge technologies

Our platform is supported by Twilio, the biggest programmable communication tools provider in the world; and OpenAI, the lead company in modern IA.


All our information is hosted securely in the best cloud providers that exists. AWS host our software, databases and content that you provide.

Continuous improvement

If you try brilligent, you will be using all features that platform has when you register, but also the new ones, with no additional cost!